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Rules of Tuike

Time:2016-06-01  From:苏州易易通电子商务有限公司


Recommender: Need to register as a buyer's Tuike;

Recommended person:Customers who are not registered with Yiyi Tong Members;

Activity time:Permanent!

Recommended way:The recommended person opens the recommender's exclusive link and registers as an Easy-to-Easy member;


Award rules:

Recommender: Every successful recommendation of a user registration is regarded as an effective promotion. Whenever the user purchases on the Easy-to-Easy platform, Twitter can get a five-thousandth Commission on the total order amount for a permanent period of time;

Winning results:The recommendation results are based on the audit results of Easy Access. For successful recommendation of members and members'purchase information, please check the "My Account" information in the background of Twitter (there will be a 10-day lag for Twitter to check the order information after users place their orders);


Reward usage rules

Application time for bonus settlement:Monthly 26- end of month;  

Bonus Time:Within 10 days after the end of the application period


Matters needing attention

If the recommender has malicious forwarding, which leads to the complaint of the recommendee, the recommender's Tuike qualification and the Tuike subsidy will be cancelled.

Recommenders should not change the content of promotional links without authorization, otherwise the consequences of which include not counting registered users and incentive fees can not be settled will be borne by the recommenders themselves.

If the recommended person has not produced any purchase behavior within six months, the relationship between the Tuike and the recommended person shall be cancelled。

Yiyi Tong can change or adjust the rules of the event according to the actual situation of the event. The relevant changes or adjustments will be posted on the activity page and will take effect immediately upon the announcement.

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