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About ezezIC

        The headquarter of ezezIC E-commerce Co。, Ltd is loacated in China-Singapore Suzhou industrial Park,which is a regional center of electronic industry within the Yangtze River Economic Delta Region。It is a professional service provider for dead stock, end-of-life(EOL), and slow moving electronic component parts inventory and surplus inventory management。

        ezezIC providers one-stop solutions for the electronics enterprises(foundries,OEM,dealers,etc.) to help improve the capacity to prevent,manage and process dead stock, endof-life(EOL), and sow moving electronic component parts inventory.

        ezezIC has set up branches in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tai pei, and  Singapore. Its website,, is a global online electronic inventory  sharing and tading platform.

        Many well-known global electronic OEM, original manufacturers, and the agents share their dead stock, end-of-life(EOL) and slow moving electronic component parts inventory on the website. ezezIC has built up an active surplus electronic component parts inventory re-use ecosphere with its mass data mining technology   and online marketing.

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