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Exemption clause

1、Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service of this site

The ownership and operation rights of the various electronic services of this site belong to this site。 The services provided by this site will be strictly implemented in accordance with the terms of service and operating rules issued by them。 Users agree to all terms of service and complete the registration process in order to become an official user of this site。 User acknowledgement: The terms of this Agreement are an agreement to deal with the rights and obligations of both parties and will remain in force unless they violate national mandatory laws。 At the same time you place your order, you also acknowledge that you have the right and ability to purchase these products and are responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provide in the order。  

2、Service introduction

This site uses its own operating system to provide network services to users through the Internet. At the same time, the user must: Based on the importance of the network service provided by the site, the user should agree to ensure that the user's real name, address, e-mail address and contact telephone number are not disclosed.。

3、Price and quantity  

This site will do its utmost to ensure that the products you purchase are consistent with the prices published on the website. The price and availability of the product are indicated on this site and such information will be subject to change. You are entitled to cancel the order if the item you ordered is out of stock.


This site will send the product to your designated shipping address。 All delivery times listed on this site are reference times, which are estimated based on availability, normal processing and delivery times, and shipping location。 Please fill in your real name, shipping address and contact details clearly and accurately。 The company is not liable for delays caused by unclear information and force majeure。

5、Modification of the Terms of Service

This site may modify the relevant terms of this User Agreement from time to time. Once the terms and services are changed, the site will prompt the modification on the important page.


6、User privacy system

Respecting the privacy of users is a basic policy of this site. Therefore, as a supplement to the analysis of the second registration data above, the site will not disclose, edit or disclose its registration materials and non-public content stored on the site without authorization from legitimate users.

7、User's account, password and security

Once the user has successfully registered and becomes a legitimate user of the site, he will get a password and username. You can always change your password according to the instructions. Users should carefully and reasonably save and use the username and password. If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or a security breach, please notify the site immediately and report the case to the public security organ.

8、Storage and restriction of user information  

If the user violates the provisions of national laws and regulations or this agreement, the site has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of network services depending on the specific circumstances。



All notices sent to users can be sent via announcements on important pages or by email or regular mail. Modifications to the terms of the User Agreement, changes to the Service, or notices of other important events will be made in this form.


10、Ownership of web service content  

The network service content defined by this site includes: text, software, sound, pictures, video, graphics, advertisements, all contents of the email; all the contents of the email; other information provided by the site for the user. All of this content is protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, users can only use these contents under the authorization of the site and advertisers, and cannot copy, reproduce or create derivative products related to the content. All articles on this site are copyrighted by the original author and the site. Anyone who needs to reprint the article on this site must obtain the authorization of the original author and the site.


11、Limitation of Liability

If the sales system of the station crashes or fails to function due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the site, the online transaction cannot be completed or the relevant information and records will be lost。 The site will assist the aftermath as much as possible and do its best。 Protect customers from loss。 


12、If this website needs to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade, it will be announced in advance. This website is not responsible for any inconvenience or loss caused during the suspension of service due to hardware failure or other force majeure outside the control of the company.

13、This website is not responsible for any disclosure, loss, theft or alteration of personal data caused by hacking attacks, computer virus intrusion or seizures, temporary closures caused by government regulations, etc., which may affect the normal operation of the network.

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