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Invoice specification


1、The amount of invoice is based on the amount actually paid.

2、The types of invoices provided are "ordinary VAT invoices (non-deductible)" and "special VAT invoices (deductible)".

3、n order to improve the operation efficiency and avoid the possible impact of return and exchange, invoices are usually issued after arrival, and we will serve them for you as soon as possible。

Please fill in the correct invoice mailing address, contact person and contact number to ensure that the invoice can be delivered accurately. If you do not fill in this item, ezezic will use the receiving address as the mailing address of the invoice in order to contact you in time.

VAT ordinary invoice

1、For customers who do not have the general taxpayer qualification, a VAT ordinary invoice (non-deductible) is issued.

2、When issuing the invoice, please enter the required invoice in the invoice payer and modify it in the revised information。

3、The invoice is sent to the customer by express delivery.

4、If the VAT ordinary invoice information is consistent with the information you entered, the invoice will not be returned once it has been issued. 

VAT special invoice

1、Customers who need to issue a “VAT special invoice” must check the “VAT special invoice”, otherwise the system will issue a general invoice by default.

2、In order to ensure the smooth issuance of the "VAT special invoice", please carefully check the invoicing materials on the order submission page. If the information submitted by you is incorrect, the invoice will be wrong and the certification deduction will be affected. Ezezic will not be responsible.

3、The “VAT Special Invoice” will be sent to you by courier after the confirmation of the goods you received. 

4、In order to enable customers to use the "VAT special invoice" in a timely and effective manner, please fill in the company name, address phone number, tax number, bank account and account number, invoice mailing address, and note that the content must be consistent with the tax information. 

5、The company name must be the name of the industrial and commercial registration.  

6、The company's address and phone number are the address and phone number on your billing information.

7、The tax registration number is the number of your company's Tax Registration Certificate, which is generally 15 digits。 Please check it carefully and enter it。

8、Both bank name and account number must be filled in.


1、If the "VAT Special Invoice" cannot be issued because of the error message you filled out, we will automatically issue you a normal invoice。 Once the ordinary invoice is issued, it will not be returned。 

2、According to the information you input, the VAT special invoice will not accept the requirement to reopen the VAT special invoice without affecting the certification deduction.  

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