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Common problem

How to inquire about the special commodities?  

Every day or every week, special offers will be launched。 Clients can click on the daily special in the navigation bar to enter and find the goods you need。


Can ezezezic's order provide a contract?  

Sure。 After the customer submits the order on ezezic website, ezezic will automatically send the PDF file of the sales contract to the customer registration mail。 This contract is a contractual contract for both parties'orders and has legal effect。


How to Pay the Order of ezezic?  

Ezezic provides Alipay and bank transfer to account。  

How to issue ezezic's invoice?

Ezezic issues VAT invoices for all orders delivered domestically, and all products are declared and taxed regularly according to the requirements of the state. Customers can choose "whether to invoice" when placing an order, and the invoice submits the invoice application in the invoice


If the quantity of products is not right, the model is not right, and the quality problem is not good, how to return and exchange the goods?  

Ezezic only provides original and authentic products with transparent channels and 100% quality assurance. When customers have doubts about the quality of products received, please contact ezezic customer service at the first time. We will communicate with the supplier and arrange the return and exchange of goods according to the supplier quality management process. Customers who need to return or exchange goods due to incorrect actual quantity and model should submit a refund or exchange application within one week after receiving the goods. For customers who need to return or exchange goods due to product quality problems, please submit a refund or exchange application within two weeks after receiving the goods, and provide a third party English test report approved by both parties.

Order delivery

After receiving your payment, we will arrange the order for you。 After the order is successful, your order status will be changed to "Waiting for Delivery"。 After ezezezic receives the goods, we will arrange the delivery for you at the first time, and your order status will be changed to "waiting for delivery"。 To ensure timely and accurate delivery of products to your hands, please fill in detailed consignee information and contact information when ordering。 


Arrival time

Different suppliers will have different delivery dates. You can see the display of the order delivery dates.


Logistics tracking query

Enter the ezezezic official website, click on the purchaser's or supplier's entrance, register users and enter the "My Order" page in the membership center; click the "View" button behind the corresponding order to open the order tracking page; in the order tracking page, members can know whether the order has been approved, and then click "View the logistics instructions"。 Because some suppliers can't return the express order number in time, you may encounter some cases where the order can't be inquired, please contact customer service at this time。

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