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Keyword YAGEO There are 2782 detailed Inventory of Bar Products

Reference picture Model Manufacturer Category Supplier type description Batch number/DC Unit Price Stock Details
RC0603FR-07300RL YAGEO 电阻 EMS/ODM factory 三年以上 Inquiry 5K Package details
RC0603FR-07301RL 國巨股份有限公司 电阻 EMS/ODM factory R (R3HF) 301 ohm 1/10W 1%(F) 0603 RC0603FR-07301RL YAGEO 5年左右 Inquiry 1.635K Package details
AC0603FR-073R32L YAGEO 贴片电阻 EMS/ODM factory 18+ Inquiry 40K Package details
CC0603KRX7R9BB392 YAGEO 电容 Authorized agent 2015年05月29日 Inquiry 4K Package details
AC0603F8K2 YAGEO 贴片电阻 Original factory 20180720 Inquiry 0.272K Package details
CC0201JRNPO8BN120 YAGEO 电容 Authorized agent CAP CER 12PF 25V NPO 0201 2014-08-06 Inquiry 1,065K Package details
RC0402FR-07390RL YAGEO 电阻 Authorized agent RES SMD 390 OHM 1% 1/16W 0402 2014-04-03 Inquiry 10K Package details
CC0805KKX7R5BB106(TAPING=2K) YAGEO 电容 Authorized agent 18+ 107.60222(CNY/K) 2K Package details
RC0603FR-0710RL YAGEO 电阻 EMS/ODM factory 18+ Inquiry 7.762K Package details
YC164-JR-070RL YAGEO 电阻 EMS/ODM factory 20160812 Inquiry 1.234K Package details


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