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Keyword TDK There are 482 detailed Inventory of Bar Products

Reference picture Model Manufacturer Category Supplier type description Batch number/DC Unit Price Stock Details
C1005X5R1A104KT0012 TDK 其他元器件 Authorized agent 电容 2015 Inquiry 18K Package details
C1005X5R1A104KT0008 TDK 其他元器件 Authorized agent 电容 2015 Inquiry 14K Package details
CGA3E2X7R2A682KT0Y0N TDK 电容 Authorized agent 2013-07-08 Inquiry 200K Package details
C2012Y5V1A106ZT TDK 电容 EMS/ODM factory Phase out,(TF)MLCC.10uF.10V.+80%/-20%.0805.Y5V.SMD.TDK.C2012Y5V1A106ZT 三年左右 Inquiry 36.132K Package details
CX001 TDK 其他元器件 Authorized agent 2016 Inquiry 15K Package details
C1005X5R1A104KT0024 TDK 其他元器件 Authorized agent 电容 2015 Inquiry 30K Package details
CK45-B3AD102KYVNA TDK 电容 General trader 1000PF 1KV 10% B P=5mm 6*5mm 编带 TDK 17+ Inquiry 450K Package details
VLS3012T-2R2M1R5 TDK 电感 EMS/ODM factory 13+ Inquiry 78.923K Package details
VLS252010HBX-1R5M-1 TDK 电感 General trader 17+ Inquiry 48K Package details
DEA205375BT-2054A1 TDK 滤波器 General trader 17+ Inquiry 6K Package details


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