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Keyword ROHM There are 198 detailed Inventory of Bar Products

Reference picture Model Manufacturer Category Supplier type description Batch number/DC Unit Price Stock Details
2SCR523EBTL ROHM 二/三极管 Authorized agent 三年左右 Inquiry 75K Package details
EEFSX0D471ER PANASONIC 电容 EMS/ODM factory (TF)SP CAP.470uF.2V.+-20%.D(7.3*4.3*1.9mm).9mOhm.SMD.Panasonic.EEFSX0D471ER 三年左右 Inquiry 1.38K Package details
SML-212DTT86 ROHM 二/三极管 General trader 17+ Inquiry 6K Package details
BD33GA5MEFJ-ME2 ROHM 稳压器 EMS/ODM factory 2013+ Inquiry 1.223K Package details
BD82034FVJ-GE2 ROHM 集成电路IC EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 1.79K Package details
RESISTOR,SMD,ROHS,12.7 OHM,±1%,1/10W,0603 - 电阻 EMS/ODM factory 五年左右 Inquiry 4.703K Package details
MCR01J102 ROHM 电阻 EMS/ODM factory 五年内 Inquiry 17.77K Package details
RB520S-30TE61 ROHM 二/三极管 Authorized agent 三年内 Inquiry 3.965K Package details
2SK3065T100 ROHM MOS管 EMS/ODM factory 1605 Inquiry 2.628K Package details
UDZSTE-1722B ROHM 二/三极管 EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 0.016K Package details


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