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Keyword NXP There are 1241 detailed Inventory of Bar Products

Reference picture Model Manufacturer Category Supplier type description Batch number/DC Unit Price Stock Details
74LVC1G57GM NXP Semiconductors 集成电路IC EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 0.03K Package details
74HC21D,653 NXP 集成电路IC Other 951 419.44737(CNY/K) 15K Package details
TJA1051T NXP 集成电路IC EMS/ODM factory 1546 Inquiry 1.81K Package details
NTB0104BQ NXP 控制器 EMS/ODM factory 20160519 Inquiry 2.685K Package details
PCA9545CPW,118 NXP 集成电路IC EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 0.735K Package details
PMBT3904 NXP 晶体管 EMS/ODM factory 晶體管//Mosfet,N-CH,SOT23-123;PMBT3904,NXP//Mosfet 三年以上 Inquiry 201.047K Package details
PMBT2222A NXP 二/三极管 EMS/ODM factory (TF)Transistor.NPN.SOT-23.SMD..PMBT2222A 三年左右 Inquiry 2.067K Package details
LPC1114FBD48/302 NXP 控制器 Brand customers 16+ Inquiry 2.684K Package details
74AUP1G07GW,125 NXP 控制器 EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 0.228K Package details
BT151-500R NXP 整流器 EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 0.99K Package details


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