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Keyword LRC There are 150 detailed Inventory of Bar Products

Reference picture Model Manufacturer Category Supplier type description Batch number/DC Unit Price Stock Details
LRB520S-30T1G LRC 二/三极管 Authorized agent 三年内 Inquiry 525.411K Package details
BL24C128B 贝岭 存储器 Original factory BL24C128B-SFRC_TSSOP-8L_贝岭_R3GC 1-2年内 Inquiry 15K Package details
LMSZ5236BT1G-LRC LRC 二/三极管 Authorized agent 19+ Inquiry 96K Package details
LP2305LT1G LRC MOS管 EMS/ODM factory 三年左右 Inquiry 0.031K Package details
LM3Z5V1PT1G LRC 二/三极管 Authorized agent 三年内 Inquiry 576K Package details
LRC13A03T LINJIA 其他元器件 EMS/ODM factory 19+ Inquiry 11.9K Package details
LBC817-25LT1G LRC 二/三极管 EMS/ODM factory 18+ Inquiry 2.27K Package details
LBAT54SLT1G LRC 二/三极管 General trader 1644 Inquiry 3K Package details
MMBT3904T LRC MOS管 Authorized agent 18+ Inquiry 8.193K Package details
BL24C512A 贝岭 存储器 Authorized agent BL24C512A-SFRC_TSSOP-8L_贝岭_R3GC 1-2年内 Inquiry 1.222K Material details


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